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Wife shared with friends stories

Wife Shared With Friends Stories
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for Free! Score 4. Famous Story. Published 7 years ago. Dave and I had been friends for the past ten years.

Name: Poppy

Years: I'm just over forty
Who do I prefer: Strong-willed man
My hair: Gray
What I like to listen: Rock
What is my hobbies: In my spare time I love travelling

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The game was done and we was all buzzed pretty good smoking pot. While my wife and I were in Jamaica, a local man took us around. We went back to the resort and fucked some more as we talked about finding more men to fuck her. I was so hard I took my cock out and jacked off. My wife smiled and giggled hugging me asking if I was getting horny grabbing my bulge.

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I fucked my wife next and came in a matter of seconds from the build-up. I've been with four friends who like sharing their wives. I shoved my cock inside of and fucked her for about 20 minutes blew my load. He want a let down for sure the guy nearly went an hour fucking her.

We got our 3rd child that way also. When they left my wife and I agreed we both had a great time not one regret about it other than being interrupted.

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She was giggling and said wow we are going to fuck later for sure. It was with strangers. I thought about it and said shit I know and trust all these guy she was already flirty about the idea. When we was able to put do her each time her pussy would be so swollen and bruised it hurt to much. Things just got going, she loved it.

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I did a similar thing with my husband and two of his friendsI had heard story's that one of his friends had a big cockI found out. My wife's first gangbang was similar, four friends round for beer and weed and just my wife as the only girl wearing a sexy summer dress. I licked sucking and suffered her cunt while watching and hearing her gagging as he was throat fucking her.

We started kissing and I started stripping her naked telling my buddies if they wanted to fuck my wife getting naked.

Sharing my wife with a friend

I knew they and even my wife was hinting to we could all have one we hand all we needed right here. I took a video of his big cock splitting my wife's pink pussy. I think he went about 20 minutes and she shot off of him squirted and shaking. You are a luck guy. I would have thrown the ho to the curb as soon as the b last guy came in n her. I been married to my wife for about 7 months I had three friends over to watch a football game. The man didn't last as long as my wife wanted and he pulled out and came on her ass cheeks. Probably 15 more guys fucked her over that week at the resort. Everyone was stripping naked I got between her legs eating her pussy.

Totally unplanned but so hot.

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I just began taking pictures and she bent down and sucked him. By submitting the form, you acknowledged that you are or over 18 years old and you will follow local policies and laws. I never considered eating cum before but that day I licked his cum off her ass and then I took his dick into my mouth and cleaned her pussy off of his shaft.

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The man led us to a more private area where he coaxed my wife into taking some topless photos. That's how my third son was conceived, she got drunk and high with us when we worked on a neighbors car in my garage.

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It would have been hard to explain to people. It built from there she was openly saying she would do it and everyone and myself would love to experience one. His hands were all over my pale brunette wife and I was aroused.

‘wife sharing’ stories

I asked how she liked that bigger cock she giggled blushing saying she wish she had more time with him. I wish I was your friend also. How many guys fucked her on the trip and did any of them cum in her? We drove to a secluded beach area.

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How many men fucked her on the trip and did any cum inside her? She had him moved around to her mouth once my friend shoved his big cock it was twice as thick as the rest of ours. I love watching my wife give my mates a good workout and when she then tells me to lay on the floor so she can feed me her creampie.

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She was very forward and vocal telling him to get that fat fucking cock in my mouth. One of my friends getting jacked off moved quickly as I pulled out to take my place. Everyone of them are chubby not fat more on the strong built side. We had all taken this to our room all the cell phones in the living room their girlfriend and wives had been calling two had drove by. But was pretty blunt about needing to be taken to being completely being worn out by us all.

Most my friends girlfriends and wives are prudes when I come to our conversation or language. I would love the chance to participate. I know you wouldn't mind. I figure he spent a good 45 minutes on her pussy giving a hard pounding. I came up close and helped lick her as he stood and got his cock ready.

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My wife is a thin pound medium height girl with a super loose pussy. She loved the bragging right and was sassy and cute about it. All the guys had to go back to their prudes while you won the wife game man so be happy and treat that little minx well. I talked to my friends the next day all very satisfied happy and thankful. She always told me she liked rough sex he was being ruthless down her throat it was hot she had tears in her eyes.

Everyone was saying how that would be awesome my wife said I would love to see how much I could handle taking multiple guys. My wife was all proud of herself because she took cock constantly for over 6 hours straight. We got out and looked at the crystal blue and green water and took pictures. His big black cock was beautiful and my wife took it into her hands as she looked at me. She still enjoyed and like the feeling my friends have always been happy about that part.

I communicated non-verbally that I liked seeing her being touched. She had a cock in each had and a huge cock in her mouth my friend in her mouth was hands down the big man in the room. When he got done she wanted my buddy who she was sucking to fuck her said his cock hurt her jaw.

Unplanned wife sharing

I think my friend who she was stroking wanted to go before him since he was allot smaller. We cuddled and talk about sex my wife is always in the center of the room having fun. My friends and I want to met her. She spent about 30 minutes riding him then got off got on all four wiggled her ass and told him to fuck her hard.

I never told him she liked it rough but that how he is I figured out so as he spun her around pulling her hair makin her head turn back it was hot. She posed and the man took out his cock. Posted Nov 2, by anonymous views 24 comments.

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I said well we could do it know we got all we need if everyone wanted. She let go of our cock and stopped sucking she was really getting into it.

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My wife was aroused from the fondling in the car and she slipped out of her shorts and top. It was around am one of the wives called our home asking where we was at.

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She was lucky that it wasn't the black guy to get her pregnant. I'm seven and a half inches so I'm not a porn star but well enough endowed to make the girls talk.

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My flirty little chubby busty wife kept taking more clothes off saying it was to hot, one buddy asked to suck her nipple when it was slightly showing. She walked to my other friend pushing him on his back she rode his cock hard. We stepped back letting them do their thing my wife faces was priceless.

My wife sucked his cock some then he bent over and he ate her pussy from behind. I said she was excited for the next time we could do it all was more than willing for another go.

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