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Wives get spankings

Wives Get Spankings


My father spanked my mother and I spank my wife too. I'm wondering how many other families out there practice this too. I think unexpected punishment is more effective than having a set time put by for it.

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We also talk about why some couples pick fights with one another when really what they need is more intense sex and the opportunity to dominate one another in the bedroom. Christian Domestic Discipline follows very different guidelines than Erotic Spanking, and the two should never be confused!

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If you are ready to explore erotic spanking, our Erotic Spanking Mastery Course for immediate access to everything you need to know to enjoy the thrills of spanking in your marriage. Hundreds of couples have discovered the thrills of erotic spanking with our Erotic Spanking Mastery Course. In our Erotic Spanking Mastery Coursewe show you how to create a slow, steady warm up that allows the body to release endorphins. This creates the trust to enjoy power play in your sex life. These natural pain killers allow your wife to literally get high on sensation!

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Kink and BDSM are now mainstream topics of conversation, and more couples than ever are exploring the kinky side of life. This of course was never the intention. Does your wife want to be spanked with lots of sensuality and romance? I appreciate how you both thoroughly made the distinction between erotic spanking and punishment.

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This can quickly create resent and ruin your relationship. One unexpected thing that came from the course is that it has changed our marriage in many ways.

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It can pair well with handjobs and other forms of sex play, so let your imagination run wild. Erotic spanking may be exactly what your marriage needs!

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I think this goes without saying but it never hurts to add. Enroll now and start your erotic adventure tonight! Let it all go, I love you.

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Spanking sends pleasurable vibrations through the male pelvis and straight to the penis, so many guys find it incredibly arousing. It never has to hurt even when it gets intense!

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But being dominant during sex does not give you authority over your wife outside of the bedroom. And over time when I started to become more confident with the spanking she started seeing me as a stronger man she can trust more with taking the lead sometimes.

A site for dd wives to read and share about their secret life.

To answer your question, I did end up speaking to my wife about how our relationship changed since I started spanking her. We discuss the unexpected benefits of erotic spanking that can totally transform your life. Sharing an erotic spanking experience is not the same thing as using spanking to discipline your wife, change her behavior or punish her for sins.

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Podcast: Play in new window Download Embed. So when I got her to let me take complete control with these spankings and she received so much pleasure from it, she began to be to be more relaxed about other aspects in our life. Beyond the immediate benefits of thrilling sex, many find that there are unexpected benefits to their relationship.

When done with the right skills, kink can open up a vast terrain of pleasure and fun for any couple.

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In all areas of your relationship, create balance and mutual respect. Men love to get spanked too!

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She also used to challenge me on so many things; now, not so much. All of the erotic techniques we offer here at Pleasure Mechanics are deed so you can have an orgasmic sex life and loving relationship.

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We recently received an from a happy member of the Erotic Spanking Course : Hi Ladies, Your course on Erotic Spanking has worked wonders for my sex life. Playing with power in the bedroom can be a great way to explore new erotic terrain and create thrills and excitement. What are your thoughts?

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Erotic spanking can be incredibly pleasurable, arousing and even romantic. Thanks for answering my question.

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With a slow warm up, she will be ready for harder spanks and they will feel intense but not painful. Wife spanking is no exception to this rule. Your course on Erotic Spanking has worked wonders for my sex life. We recently received an from a happy member of the Erotic Spanking Course :.

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Her desires may change day to day, so always ask her about what she specifically wants before you start any erotic spanking session. Many people find this kind of catharsis very cleansing. Each blow will create a peak of sensation and then quickly melt into delicious pleasurable release. We know that kinky play can reinvigorate your love life, bring you new levels of satisfaction and allow you to express yourself more fully. Consensual erotic power play can only exist between two equal individuals. She has always had control issues, so if I ever took the lead on something she used to always challenge me or pick fights.

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I definitely think there is a lot that is accurate about your comments. Here are our rules for Wife Spanking to make sure it strengthens your relationship and does not create marital meltdown! Or does she want a firm, hard spanking followed by rough sex? Do not spank your wife as punish for real world infringements.

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My wife of 8 hours stood in the corner of the hotel room, nose firmly pressed into the corner, the hem of her skirt pinned well-up her back.

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One of the fundamental features of a Domestic Discipline marriage is that husbands are responsible for setting rules and guidelines, and delivering correction if those rules are broken.

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I have a healthy respect for the variety that exists in marital discipline.

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But I thought Id share with you an answer to that question, by telling about my day this past Monday.