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Wizards lair superheroine

Wizards Lair Superheroine


The company who produced this film "Rapture Entertainment" who are sadly now defunct have produced dozens of great superheroine content over the last couple years, but they went out with a bang earlier in when they released 6 or 7 outstanding films with Wizards lair superheroine gorgeous "Cherie DeVille" and I'd recommend you track down each one immediately, and because they're no longer available for sale you don't have to feel bad about watching them for free either. And the first thing I liked about this film was the costumes. The one in question being Lady Victory's which is a captivatingly shiny, blue and red leotard that absolutely clings to Chloe's body, amplifying her busty chest, toned curves and an overflowing ass that her suit just can't contain and is the point. Another thing I really like about the film is the direction, being incredibly suggestive and provocative throughout. It features many low-angle shots of our heroine and makes sure in almost every shot that the focus is to make her look as good as possible, and because they're already working with such a marvel, this amplifies her assets and beauty to great heights.

Name: Karol

How old am I: I am 60
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I am not, because I am not, nor have I ever been, in this community to make a buck off my fellow lovers of this genre. Is that fair to me, Scarlet Witch, or our contributors? More and more people started to create websites devoted to the ir favorite thingssome of these being websites devoted to superheroines. Would these people even have the guts to ask their girlfriends to dress up like a superheroine and to let them take pictures of them in such outfits if they did not already know that there were tons of folks out there, just like them, just like me, or just like you?

I remember when I was being thanked for giving people an outlet for their fantasies. This was before the time Wizards lair superheroine SHC and MrX though not by much, a year or soand certainly before the time of the vast popularity of Yahoo Groups and the like. This community that I love so much. Originally posted July 5th, on Yahoo It's the internet equivalent of social Darwinism, either evolve and survive or don't and die. I find that far fetched, in that I believe that I have done more then most any other individual in this community in regards to the growth of this genre on the internet.

To place the blame for a of sites' failure on the efforts of one man is ludicrous. Are we going to start criticizing these people for making their few hard earned dollars stretch the furthest in this manner? But yet, that is what is happening right now where The Lair is being accused of causing the economic death of various websites. And neither one of the two webmasters were anything but polite and professional in their communication with me one being Cory Thompson, RIPunlike the people that have been currently doing their best to insult myself and Scarlet Witch in public forums.

I will never assume such things, nor accuse others of such things, without having some good references and facts to back me up. This was very well written but don't let them get to you. More people came online and started to share their love of various arts and subjects, from cars to models, from Star Wars and Star Trek to message boards about things about complaints about MS to guides on Zelda. As a disabled veteran I well understand the world of kill or be killed, but by the same token I fully understand the value of good intent and quality people.

And yet, I am the bad guy here. Well, you know people always want to put the blame on others for their failure. It is easier to point a finger at me, and people like me, and call us thieves. Two images out of how many hundreds? Then it got to the stage where my own ideas for material dried up, and other than updates from Raven I had no material so updates went to byweekly, monthly, bi monthly then after talking to Vladi about giving Raven a new home, closed.

AOL, and Y ahoo came into being, and social networks started to grow and flourishfrom chat rooms to message groups. T ha t is the same logic of having 10 coffee shops on one block and expecting the same Wizards lair superheroine of pedestrians to pass by them all and continue to buy multiple cups of coffee from each and every coffee shop. No, of course not.

What I see affecting these websites is not that sites like the Lair or Heromorph to just use 2 popular and well known sites as examples use images from other websites as base materials for photomanipulations, but that we have more and more companies jumping on the superheroine bandwagonstarting up subscription sites, and expecting the same amount of people, with the same amount of Wizards lair superheroine, to sponsor and sustain a growing amount of services.

This community that I have spent years of doing all that I could to encourage the writers and artists to share with others freely. Then came cable and broadband, and with them peer-to-peer groups where large files could be shared with each other in less and less time, everything from songs to movies, image files and zip folders. Not at all.

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But, I do know that you cannot exist for long in an economical model with finite customers with finite resources with creating more and more businesses. Far too many of them either recycle or update to infrequently to keep peoples interest. I will bet anyone that most customers of these websites are doing exactly that. Is anyone looking at pointing to oil speculators as the possible culprit of causing the reduction in profit to these pay sites?

So, let us all think of these things the next time we start to download a song from online, or start to cut and paste something from a blog, or make a DVD copy of our buddies movie, or a CD copy of our cousins video game.

Andromeda: a superheroine enchained

Why should I, or anyone else, pay 20, 40, 50, or dollars to keep all these companies going from month to month, when it makes more sense for me to pay 20 dollars to a site, go in and download as much as possible for that 30 days, and then cancel my membership, and then put the next 20 dollars to another site, and repeat?

Slowly, the community grew, as the internet grew. I for one am very grateful for your sites continued success and will continue to look forward to the Updates as they come! I am not saying that I am a saint, or that this is a perfect community, or that the internet is a great economical model to follow.

In essence, stating that The Lair become a pay site ourselves, because that is what would have to happen if I were to leave my RL job, to spend all the hours online to do all these things. Wizards lair superheroine sites that are falling for the most part only have their selves to blame for it be they free or pay site. Or, what will most probably happen is that each customer will alternate between each shop, testing from each stall one after the other.

Of course not, but yet, I, and the Lair, is being very viciously attacked of late for not doing things exactly like a few people would like us to do. When things are free they are exposed to a larger crowd and that is something I appreciate more than money I could make.

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How many of these pay sites, would be here, if not for the s pirit and ideas and acts Wizards lair superheroine those online pioneerslike Mike at Supergirl. There would no longer be a website of it's type ever again, because we must all become cookie cutter copies of each other, to use the same methods and means as everyone else.

It was hand drawn or photomanips. Thanked for giving the artists a place to put their material that they could not find elsewhere. To accuse artists that contribute to The Lair of such removing of copyright markers from original images, without knowing such for fact, is purposefully inflammatory and insulting, especially when it is only my web site that is so accused as an example of such 'evils'.

It wasn't long until I my own work was a secondary importance to the site with regular contributions from the likes of Raven and a few others. That is to say, I pay a fee to access newsgroups from Valkyrie, from which I get most of my material. I had the same issue when i tried my hand at a superheroine site.

Thanked for letting people know that they were not alone in their fantasies, that there were others, just like them, that enjoyed the genre of superheroines in distress. I am now told that Iand my contributors, should have to spend more money, and to hire models to pose for such images and thus get me smack down into the middle of which caused me to take out a HUGE chunk of past material from my websitethus throw away any sort of privacy that I may still retain at this time. These questions are too hard to answer with any certainty, because business economics is much too complex, with each company under different conditions the n the next Wizards lair superheroine.

Let that person that has ever copied down from information found in a library book into a report without a footnote remember these words. That was it!!

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You can cut up a pie into only so many pieces before the pie falls apart. When I look around, I see that everyone is feeling the financial pinch, influenced largely by the ever rising cost of fuel, which has a cascading effect on everything from Wizards lair superheroine sales, to food costs. Again, most of the shops will lose money, since there are only enough people on that block to truly support two of the shops.

We've been friends ever since and even though I don't particularly care for the genre and later moved on, I've looked upon Vladi as a friend ever since, and believe me, as a former Special Forces Intelligence officer who led a band of heros, my standards run fairly high. That pay site, Sooperhero. We will not say anything about the overall pirating nature that such sites as Napster and it's ilk that went to create and profit from such ing and downloading and sharing of content.

While I would like to thank everyone for supporting the genre, these people would rather berate the artists of the community for their own works and efforts, by lumping everyone that is not them into one broad stroke of the cyber-pen in their forums.

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The Lair started out pretty humbly and small, but has grown over the years, with some 2D art, and mostly photomanipulations, just like anyone else who created a website devoted to the genre which all eventually went the way of or to a point of utter stagnation. So now, I am being accused of bringing about the downfall of the community. Those that are here only to make a buck off of you all, that are here not for the love of the genre, but for the love of the dollar, are those that will do their best to tear down the people that do, in their own little imperfect way, the best that they can do, with the resourses and time and energies that they have to them.

Let that person who has lost their business and their livelihood because of what I personally did contact me and state that I alone was responsibleand how I was personally responsible and have the facts to back them up and not a state of recession that exists, or because of a large amount of people laid off in their neighborhoods, or because they got a girlfriend or wife or husband or boyfriend who they live with that does not share their interests who made them close their s or. Through out all this The Lair plugged along, never charging a penny for anything, indeed spending money to encourage writers to create stories about our favorite genre, for the enjoyment of all.

I first met Vladi some ten years ago while wandering around MIRC and Wizards lair superheroine him to be both patient and welcoming.

Wizard s lair superheroines

There was no such thing as 3D poser at that time. Did you really care that art was 2D or 3D or a photomanipulation, as long as it was good and was something that you enjoyed and turned you on? Back then I felt it was the right move as I felt The Lair would go on for as long as Valdi wanted it to and it appears my faith was correct.

Does it make any sense for those other shops to accuse the lady that runs the free coffee stand across the street for causing the shops from losing money and having to close down?


Seems of late I have been reading quite a bit about the failure of some pay sites within the community are closing down. The people in this community that love the genre for it's own sake are those that I respect and wish to provide as much free entertainment as possible to. Maybe then I will close down The Lair like it seems like some people want me to do.

At best, each customer will frequent a few favorite coffee stands per day say one for breakfast, one for lunch and one for dinnerwhich means that most will still be losing money.

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Indeed, I know next to nothing about finances, and business. Or, to spend hours and hours of time that I do not have to contact each and every adult website out there that manufactures images and ask them for special Wizards lair superheroine and special permissions, or to contact my host, and ask him to supply me and my artists with images from his paysite. And, as time went on and technology grew, methods to share files became easier and easier to utilize.

I would have to pay my bills some way, and since I would be spending money by turning The Lair into something that it is not, I would have to start char g ing my visitors, as well. But until that time, I will continue to engage in the activities that I have, in the manner that I do now, while doing my most to encourage my artists, and others, to contribute their time and talents to the betterment of the community at large, and the enjoyment of all.

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There Wizards lair superheroine a lot of paysites out there that are nothing but pure recycled crap, as well as the sites that charge too much, or fools who use their sites are their only income source and I feel no sympathy for any of them. To drown you all in the mediocrity of sameness, just for the sake of the profit margin of a few individuals, who would rather accuse someone else for their own problems, then to take any credit for their own difficulties. Now, I am accused of creating stress and discontentment among these artists of the genre, of creating an atmosphere where these artists hang up their pens real or graphicaland retiring from the community because of The Wizard's Lair and my actions or inactionsand thus removing more and more material from the fans.

That is not going to happen, and it is ridiculous to think so.

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Would people spend money to subscribe to pay sites that they knew nothing about, unless they knew that these artists have already been around a while, such as Brieros? This really is a matter of apples and oranges, in my book. People all over are doing everything that they can to save money, from driving less, to canceling vacations, and to eliminating discretionary expenses, of which would include memberships to websites.

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