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Wolverine and rogue fanfiction

Wolverine And Rogue Fanfiction
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Logan notices her behavior and see's himself in her attitude. Smiling, she takes another small drag before handing it back. Someone should write me fic. His eyes lock on the skinny, frail-looking wolf as it keeps its body pressed against her leg. At that same second, Logan falls down the exact same steps Rogue did and recovers quickly enough to see a horde of mutant children running towards him.

But the eager children don't give him time as he reluctantly starts to help the more crippled ones out. Logan turns and he out with the others, worry filling him to the brim.

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Now head for the plane. Rogue squeaks as the floor gives way and she tumbles down a short flight of metallic stairs. John, Jubilee, Remy, Kitty and Peter - are captured and taken as slaves by a government who consider mutants lesser beings.

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But it turns out my past was running beside me all along. It has a relatively slow start but it's important to the back story. That is what she is - a freak among freaks. Smiling genuinely to himself, he goes back up and sits in the back, letting his scowl return before Scott turns around to look at him. He's the hunter, hellbent on hanging the witch and mounting her head on a spike. Scott is the first to respond.

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Seeing their protector and savior's abilities in action was awesome! He gives an amused smirk as Rogue looks at him before going up into the area with the chairs with the rest of them. Work Search: "Ya want me to go double check? The kids slow and come to a stop, staring at Logan with a mix of awe and fear. He see's her sleeping peacefully, surrounded by children who, for what may the first time in a long time, if ever, are having a fitful sleep.

Celebrating the x-men's resident ass-kicking southern belle & the important people in her life.

She tries to listen to the Professor, but The Call makes it hard. She can see Blackbird, but on the other side of the island. Rogue's voice comes from the back of the horde, somewhat gruff. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. She avoids eye contact and sits in the very back, buckling in and looking away from anyone and everyone to glare at the wall.

Knowing she's already in enough trouble if Logan's mad, Rogue gently picks up the frail wolf and hurries up the steps. A fix-it fic for X1 that rapidly careened off the rails. All characters and situations are pure fiction and are not based on any real events or people. Letting some of her shields down, she lets Logan comes out.

Wrfa means wolverine & rogue fanfiction archive

Rogue sighs in a shaky, stressful way as she looks out the window of the meeting room that the X-Men have gathered in for a briefing. We don't know what's out there. Find the hottest wolverine stories you'll love. Slowly, she picks her way to the front of the large group, larger than they had anticipated. Putting it in her mouth and inhaling deeply, Rogue lets her eyes flutter closed at the heavenly feeling and the spicy Cuban flavor. The small girl under her arm before her eyes snap open and move immediately to Logan.

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Sadly, she couldn't r Dakota is a 14 year old girl, and she's orphaned and alone, but she isn't afraid of anything, one day in a clash in the back of the bar, a mysterious stranger comes to h Andromeda Andi for short had a terrible accident, and she was on the run. Also includes comic and cartoon-based content. Hang tight, I'm comin for ya.

The pain of the metal sliding out from between her knuckles only lasts a second before her mental Logan steps in front of her and takes control.

What is the abbreviation for wolverine & rogue fanfiction archive?

Immediately, the X-Men unbuckle and stand in the isle, waiting for the entrance to open and them to jump out. Don't worry, Ah'll get back before take off.

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Rogue's mental Logan gives her a smile before stepping away and letting her have control again. Largest 'shipper site on the internet for the couple Wolverine and Rogue from the X-Men movies. Just what in the hell kinda trouble has Jimmy landed himself into now? She shifts restlessly as Professor continues with the mission information. She's not already there.

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Still doubtful of Rogue's condition, he turns back to the other end of the table where Professor is wrapping up the briefing. The moment Lin Na saw Erik, she knows from the look in his eyes that he's a dangerous, dangerous man. I had a long day of driving and I want to read something sweet and sappy.

She's gifted She gently pulls that one inside and the others follow timidly.

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He growls and releases his claws, ready to attack. They're bad at it.

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But something makes the connection fuzzy. Logan wakes up after changing the past. Suddenly, a mischievous smile creeps across her face.

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Focus on my voice, not that one. These kids won't stay quiet unless Ah do. Logan hears the call and at the same time, Rogue jumps a little bit in her seat before trying to sink down, gripping the black leather arms with white knuckles. She decided to move on. Rogue shifted uncomfortably as The Call started up.

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