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Wrestling with my wife

Wrestling With My Wife


At Christmas, when my wife playfully wrestled with her sister, it turned me on. Lord Lambton lost his job as a Defence Minister when it became common knowledge that he had so little to do at the Air Ministry that his driver would regularly take him in the afternoon to a house of ill-repute. The driver would wait in the ministerial car while his boss spent the afternoon with two women. Subscription Notification.

Name: Marlene

Years old: I'm 22 years old
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Hopefully his immigration documents come one through soon. Have to admit I tend to underestimate her leg strength, once she gets her ankles locked, I'm in some trouble. Thanks for being the sensible one! He was teasing me. You sound very sporty.

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Jiu Jitsu is the main form of wrestling style used. Does she have one she really likes to use on you?

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Wife and I were like that too when we first meet. So do you have a favorite finishing move you like to try and get her into? Fortunately he's in a pretty well contained state. One is the physical exercise which I love and two is for self defense, which I hope I never need, although I did once.

Best to get him while he is on the floor. Missy is 17 and doesn't put as much into it as Candy and I do. I guess her having strong kegs works for her for scissor holds and leverage. Girls power ;p You both sound really cool and fun. Good to hear all safe and well.

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Thank you for your opinion. Hey thanks, yeah we are like to big kids She knows she has strong legs, and leg locks are her favourite hold. Wife and I wrestle often, I would say she has gotten better at it overtime.

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Probably slowed thanks to the pandemic, but he's doing as much as he can. All forms of martial arts are incorporated.

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He does have long skinny legs, so this could probably help me. Not really. No I couldn't ever beat him. Maybe as you say a safe very playful match might work. Never to actually hurt anyone, just to make the Might have to try that in my next matchup :. Do you wrestle with your partner? It's all good clean fun until she squeezes lol. But it's fun either way! I would just tease him about never being able to beat me, in actuality he always beat me. It's is really handy for self defense, if you know the right pressure point for nerves on fingers and make lever on it then you don't have to use much strength.

Thanks for your opinion Breast smother sounds like a lot of fun, you will get him all the time like that Happy to hear you enjoy it too. Hopefully you got to win a few times, also any favourite holds? Did you get to beat him. Not really, I never had much practice. I used to get the wins more often.

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I giggled when I read "she wins more often than I do now" I was likeyayyyyy!! Oh, he got a little too excited Trust you got to beat his butt, before you stopped. Nice sounds like you guys have some playful wrestling fun. I don't know any real "moves", but I leverage arms and shoulders as much as I can since I'm just most familiar with them. It is great exercise. So do you have a favorite opponent you spar with or a rival in competitions? Have a great day! Always good fun and great exercise, you never know you may beat him, just try using your legs for holds and leverage.

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We spar in training with each other and with trainers. So do you ever tussle with a ificant other or would you only do it if they were also a fighter of some kind? You practice MMA or just wrestling? Do you have a killer hold or move. Anything with my legs since they are the strongest part of my body Leg locks are often lol.

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Sadly still in lockdown. That's great, and yes it's hot I have to admit, also love how she always has to win, beavers gives up.

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So do you ever ever use a match with them to settle any arguments serious or otherwise or do you only get physical in structured training or matches? The first time he wrestled with me, I cried though, lol. Make sure you win Good luck, hope you get in a few wins. Leverage is always good, use your legs too, you maybe very surprised how deadly they can be in holds Wow you guys sound really cute, and having a lot of fun. Yes that sounds like a perfect plan Hehehehe lol. Good luck Lol sounds like it was fun Like leg locks and headlocks?

My wife can beat me at wrestling

I live in Canada and him in the US. But his immigration is in process. My usual practice is a striking style. Sounds like you know some ground moves, well done. Use your legs more for holds like a scissor lock and leverage. I turned and play slapped his head. My sisters and I have been training in it off and on for about 5 years. She sounds really clever and competetive. Hey hi, hope the AC t tear is all good. Wow you sound like one tough girl Wrestling is so much fun, so you have any winning hold you use? Competitive too but a little playful.

Yes, I have done it with boys and go easy on them And where is your strength arms or legs? Do you have any holds too that you use? Haha, honestly, I should be working too! Thanks for the reply, just try to get him tithe floor and hopefully you can get some sort of wrestling hold on him Thanks for the tips. Singlebimom lol sometimes So you got a winning hold too?

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And yes the wrestling around is fun. It most certainly a great way to stay fit, i know that from just general pay fighting with my wife. Aww, thank you! It's a lot of fun and just makes the relationship a little more interesting. If you do spar, is there one sister that wins most often? Yep lock down here too at the moment.

Wrestling with my wife

I mean, provided they had enough skill to give you a match? And I really only wrestle; not too much into striking, especially since I prefer mixed matches. Lol that's a shame you can't, it is a lot of fun. We don't do any ground work usually, all I know is from occasional techniques friends of our club bring by to teach us on a blue moon.

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We wrestle playfully

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My wife was out shopping, and son was away at a baseball game.

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That's great, and yes it's hot I have to admit, also love how she always has to win, beavers gives up.

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I'm having an ego problem.

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That's great, and yes it's hot I have to admit, also love how she always has to win, beavers gives up.