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X brainwashed reader

X Brainwashed Reader


Super angsty maybe but you can take it where you like! There was absolutely nothing in her mind, nothing to tell her why she was stood outside a very very tall tower in New York and nothing to tell her why the image of a brown haired boy was engraved in her head. She stepped into the building, the tremendous beams of yellow light inside it heavily contrasting the quiet dark streets outside the building.

Name: Ulrika

Years old: I am 35
Hair color: Dark-haired
Sign of the zodiac: Leo
Body type: My body type is quite strong
I like to drink: Absinthe

K project x reader

All you could do was mutter his name back to him, snuggling closer to his chest than you ever thought possible. You were never going to see either of the Winchesters again. Not that Ketch really cared. Of course he was a bit on edge. It worked just enough to clear some of the fog, just enough to give you a fraction of your thought back. They were keeping you sedated and docile physically to use that against Sam. He loved his mother, sure, but not as much as Dean did.

Usually, you held back with just as much care as you had. It was like you were holding on for dear life, and all he could do was hold you right back. They were going to kill you, or something worse and it was possible that maybe you would never even get to see Sammy again.

- creepypastax neko reader -

Locking you up would only prolong the inevitable, so they had to make sure you were weak and easy to control, something they achieved with a mix of chemicals pumped into you from your air vents and I. What did you do to her? Not that he had any doubt that you would be okay. It was just supposed to be a quick run, nothing too long, maybe a few hours, but as it would turn out, it was much longer than that.

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His biggest weakness was his truest love, you. Just wait until I get out of here! He just had to take care of this first.

stunner female Jaylee

Sam was going to make sure that you would be fine. You needed rest, and by the looks of it, you needed a lot of it, and Sam was going to make sure that you had more than enough.

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This was exactly what he wanted when they took you in the first place, and it was good to see that including you in this was a good idea after all. They had been brainwashing Mary for a reason, they needed her, but they were numbing you for a different reason.

Are you ready to go home?

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The best way to do that would be killing every single british bastard in this place. It made sense to you, and that only made you that much more angry. You were pretty shaken up when you saw him, and could hardly walk on your own but you were alive and that was something he could work with. Sam Winchester x Plus size! Maybe this was it, that you were going to die in this place. You were lost, but you were still you.

For right now, all he could do was pick you up in his arms and hold you close. Though, it was a much harder feat for Sam, who had just found you in the BMOL compound, held up in a cell.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Which, in their defense, made sense considering the fact that you always accompanied both Sam and Dean wherever they went. Ketch stood against the wall, you tied at his feet, a vacant look on your face. After what felt like weeks, you found yourself as empty and foggy as could be expected from all the brainwashing.

You were so close, and still so far. Sam and Dean returned with Lady Bevelle, only to find both Ketch, several of their men, and you all waiting there already.

I love you truthfully dimentio x brainwashed reader

So, it would just be safer to keep you here until he knew it was completely safe. Or so he hoped.

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Summary: Ketch kidnapping you and brainwashing you, along with Mary, in an attempt to use you against the boys. Doctors orders and all that. There was no way he was going to let something happen to you, especially not at the hands of that asshole.

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He had been searching for you forever, and being so close to you without being able to wrap you up in his arms was enough to make him crazy.

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Steve and Bucky are here everything and the thought of living a life without either of them is not something that sits well with her at all.

Mutual Tit Sucking

Jane and George here, both are too obsessed with Marvel to stop writing.

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Originally posted by danniejgrayson.

Girls Sucking Each Others Breasts

Unsure of if this was a request but I treated it like one lol.

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Now you were a civilian, a good person even!